The Process of Teeth Whitening

Nowadays, getting your teeth whitened is one of the most popular dental requests. It’s easy to see why. A bright smile portrays health and beauty, yet getting your teeth whitened is much more affordable than alternative restorative dentistry options such as veneers or crowns. Think back to the last person you met. What did you remember about them? Chances are, if you remember them as outgoing and friendly, it is likely due to their smile. Smiles are great at providing a positive first impression to others. On the opposite end, if a person you met didn’t smile as much, it’s possible you may have found them hard to approach or even unfriendly, no matter if it is true or not. A bright smile helps show the world who you truly are.

When it comes to whitening, there are two different substances that can be used in order to change the color of your teeth. Surface whiteners and bleaches.

Surface Whitener

Surface whiteners are products that use abrasives in order to better remove stains on your teeth. These can be take-home toothpastes that you can use daily in order to whiten your teeth, and while they lack the power of professional cleaning, they can be used on your own to aid in maintaining the color of your teeth.


Bleaches are powerful substances that are used in professional cleaning in order to change the color of your teeth. This type of whitening can only be done in-office, but contains the power to alter the color of your entire tooth, rather than simply removing stains. Generally, the process involves the application of bleach onto the teeth you want to whiten before using a laser to focus the power of the bleach and strengthen the effect. The result is a laser teeth whitening that creates a brilliant smile like it was never stained in the first place.

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