Benefits of Paramount Implants

Dental Implants

If you’re missing one or several of your teeth and are seeking a more effective alternative to bridges and complete or partial dentures, you may want to consider asking your Kirkland dental experts at Paramount Dental Center about dental implants.

The benefits of working with our outstanding Paramount team go beyond comfort and hospitality. Our experienced implantologist, Dr. Abu, has undergone three years of extensive dental training with two years at Brookdale University Hospital in surgical and prosthetic implantology. During this time, we was awarded a fellowship from the International Congress of Oral Implantology and an Associate Fellowship from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Abu is readily available to provide leading restorative and surgical procedures to all of our amazing Klure implant candidates.

Dental implants supply a more natural tooth replacement than dentures since the artificial teeth are connected directly to the jawbone and offer a myriad of oral benefits. To effectively benefit from dental implants, you must be in good health (aside from missing teeth) and have a fully developed and healthy jawbone – healthy gums and a healthy jawbones are necessary to support the implants.

  • Implants are proven to last much longer than any other standard tooth restoration option. Often, they may go decades, if not a life a time, without necessary replacement or alteration. Bridges have the tendency to have short lives, five to ten years, compared to dental implants. So while a bridge can sometimes be more affordable at first, in the long, run a dental implant can cost you significantly less time and money. Check ups are always recommended, of course. However, unlike other replacement alternatives, implants are built to last a lifetime!
  • Among the greatest benefits of an implant is that it restores full chewing power. Dental implants effectively mimic the natural strength and durability of your teeth. Many patients cannot discriminate between their natural teeth and the implant tooth. They can consume what they want, when they want, and can brush and floss as they always have.
  • Numerous studies have proven that oral implants will not affective your speaking abilities, Since implants mimic the natural formation and shape of your teeth, your speech will not be altered by any protruding or foreign obstructions. Many patients with dentures are negatively affected in social circumstances by their inability to articulate words in the same manner as they did prior to receiving dentures.
  • Dental implants have been shown to lower the need for subsequent corrective intervention of surrounding teeth. Dental implants preserve natural tooth tissue by avoiding the need to reduce adjacent teeth for traditional bridgework. A bridge, on the other hand, requires 2 frequently healthy teeth to be altered, which is not an ideal way of changing a missing out on tooth compared to a dental implant.
  • When a tooth is lost, the jawbone below it starts to diminish and degrade, and ends up being brittle from lack of exercise. Not only does losing a tooth impact your smile, it likewise alters the shape of your face causing you to look prematurely aged. Facial sagging can be an undesirable impact of bone loss resulting from missing out on teeth. This is where the lower third of the face begins to collapse, slowly closing the distance in between the tip of the nose and the chin. Changes can include excess wrinkles around the mouth, thinning lips and a more pointed chin, making the person look a lot older. Dental implants will preserve bone and substantially lower bone resorption and degeneration that leads to loss of jawbone height.
  • Dental implants minimize the load on the continuing to be oral structures/teeth by providing independent assistance and retention to crowns, bridgework and overdentures.
  • The implant is made from titanium that will naturally incorporate with the jawbone. Implants are fully bio-compatible, meaning that it’s non-toxic and will not be rejected by your body.


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